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Benefits of allergy Testing at Health Culture

Benefits of allergy testing article - Health Culture

Benefits of allergy testing at Health Culture The EIS Body Scan gives comprehensive, precise and incredible information about what is really going on inside your body. quickly and accurately. Body systems assessed by the EIS Body Scan include the Cardiovascular, Respiratory. Digestive, Nervous, Hormonal, Urinary, Neuromuscular, Reproductive systems, Brain Function, Metabolism, Immunity and much more. The scan also reveals your Oxygen uptake, Body composition (body fat percentage, lean body mass), Spinal nerve interference, Body tissue condition, Body density levels, Neurotransmitter…

Benefits of Aura Therapy

Benefits of Aura Therapy Article - Health Culture

Benefits Of Aura Therapy Beauty: Aura Therapy Leads radiant beauty, a fit body, and boundless energy: Hormonal imbalances, coupled With the stress of daily living, results in weight gain, dull skin, and hair and a listless appearance. Aura Therapy balances hormones, rejuvenates the person in mind and body, resulting in glowing skin, gleaming hair, weight loss and a younger looking, radiant appearance- beauty that makes heads turn wherever you go. Stress Relief: Aura Therapy is especially valuable in healing mental…

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Benefits of Cryotherapy Article - Health Culture

BENEFITS OF CRYOTHERAPY Beauty: Cryotherapy boosts collagen production in the body A hectic lifestyle and uncontrolled stress lead to premature aging of the skin, along with detrimental effects of environmental factors like pollution. Cryotherapy kickstarts the body‘s natural healing process, countering aging and loss of elasticity of the skin. It also boosts metabolism that helps natural weight loss, improving skin and hair texture to a great extent. Stress Relief: Cryotherapy helps release of “endorphins” or happy hormones Fast-paced lifestyles trigger…