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It is astounding how many of the ailments we deal with on an everyday basis has been scientifically proven to originate in the colon. The expression, “death begins in the colon” is said to have originated by the award-winning Russian biologist Elie Metchnikoff. While studying the human intestine he connected aging and death to the overload of toxic byproducts in the bowels. Many historically respected physicians influenced by Dr. Metchnikoff’s work have further emphasized the importance of having a healthy bowel and its connection to longevity and the avoidance or reversal of disease.

Because of the modern diets full of animal proteins, processed food, fat and sugar, and stress, with constant pressure and lack of exercise, the colon becomes the repository of accumulated waste and toxins which disable the body’s purification system. The toxic material ends up re-entering our blood stream and getting deposited in our cells. As a result of this auto-intoxication, we feel and act far below our potential and can become susceptible to diseases.

AquaDetox is a gentle, safe and effective way to eliminate waste and toxins from the body while stimulating the immune system and restoring proper organ function. Using an FDA certified machine, purified warm water is infused into the colon and released through a disposable tube into the sewage system. The treatment is painless and has many clinical benefits. During a colonic, the entire five-foot length of the large intestine is cleansed, compared to an enema, which only cleanses 8-12 inches of the sigmoid colon.

AquaDetox is useful before and after medical diagnostic procedures such as a barium enema and colonoscopy and also supports drug and alcohol detoxification.

AquaDetox is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus. This allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. Colonics can also help re-tone & reshape the colon.

AquaDetox involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum. No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective. A healthy well-functioning bowel is essential for the maintenance of optimal health. This vital organ remains the most neglected in the human body. When the blood stream is overloaded with toxic waste, the body will function at a lower level.

How is AquaDetox Done?

An average AquaDetox session lasts about one hour. Our FDA approved machines offer advanced dual automatic pressure control. This revolutionary system allows our AquaDetox therapists to use a unique combination of pressure control and gravity flow to create a treatment session that is best suited for your body and your cleansing goals. All water used during the treatment is triple filtered for sanitization. Disposable speculums are used and all clothing and other materials utilized during treatment meet the highest standards in sanitization.

Prior to your session, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire so that our AquaDetoxtherapists are able to properly assist you with your healing goals and ensure there are no contraindications for treatment. You should avoid eating large meals 2 hours prior to your treatment.

The treatment is painless and informative. The AquaDetox therapist will gently fill and empty your colon with water, carefully controlling the pressure and temperature and ensuring that you are comfortable with the treatment process. After one session of AquaDetox, we are able to find out what is going on within your digestive system and how we can help you get back on track with your health.

After your session, you will be offered an alkalinizing beverage or tea. We insist that you eat only a light meal after your session and drink a lot of water. Most clients can go back to normal activities after an AquaDetox treatment but you may also choose to rest for the rest of the day.


Yes. In fact, sessions are much safer and easier than the common enema.

An enema only reaches the rectum and lower part of the colon, whereas with AquaDetox the entire length of the colon is reached and it is many more times effective. According to learned centenarian Dr. Norman Walker, “One colon irrigation is equivalent to 30 enemas.”

No. In fact, many people report their AquaDetox sessions as being both refreshing and relaxing.

It is possible to cleanse the entire length of the colon during a professionally administered session. The small intestine is not specifically involved; however, the small intestine may be cleansed with the help of an oral intestinal cleanser.

If you have a concern about your health or the appropriateness of AquaDetox for you, you should consult your physician or licensed healthcare practitioner. Contraindications for the use of the Angel of Water include, but may not be limited to: recent colon, rectal or abdominal surgery, congestive heart failure, intestinal perforations, carcinoma of the rectum, fissures or fistula, severe hemorrhoids, abdominal hernia, renal insufficiency, first or last trimester of pregnancy and cirrhosis of the liver. Professionally administered AquaDetox is otherwise very safe.

The Angel of Water system uses single-use, sterile rectal nozzles. The use of sterile disposables coupled with the implementation of the Angel of Water’s multi-stage sanitation protocol with EPA registered disinfectants leaves no danger of contamination.

Actual session time is about 30-40 minutes, but you should plan on about 1 ½ hours for your first consultation with a session.

No. Some consider it a good time to have a session since your body is already cleansing. Your flow will not interfere with the success of the session. However, some women prefer to wait until after their period is over to do a cleansing session.

Refrain from eating about 2 hours before the cleansing, be as relaxed as possible and maintain a positive, cheerful attitude.

Usually not, but everyone is different. Some report a slight feeling of tiredness, but this is similar to the feeling you have after exercising vigorously. After a session, sipping warm liquids is usually very soothing. If you have concerns, consult with your AquaDetox therapist.

Yes. You can work just as you would after a regular bowel movement.