Aura Scan

Aura Therapy is a science as ancient as our culture. All living organisms radiate an energy field around them called ‘Aura’- a fact proven by scientists. In fact, the first aura photo was created by a well-known scientist, Nicola Tesla, in 1891.

In human beings, the aura consists of a spectrum of seven colors, much like the colors of the rainbow. Also, the aura of every individual is as unique as a person’s fingerprint. This aura represents your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition. The auric spectrum varies according to changes in any or all of these conditions.

The aura exhibits signs of physical disease even before the body manifests any symptoms. A person who is healthy at the physical, mental and emotional level has a bigger and brighter aura. In the case of an unhealthy person on any of these levels, the aura appears dull, depleted and broken.

By healing the aura, we can access all levels of the mind, body fj% and spirit and achieve complete, holistic healing.

Aura Chakra - Health Culture
Man Aura Chakra

Benefits Of Aura Therapy

Aura therapy leads to radiant beauty, a fit body, and boundless energy

  • Hormonal imbalances, coupled with the stress of daily living, results in weight gain, dull skin, and hair and a listless appearance.
  • Aura Therapy balances hormones, rejuvenates the person in mind and body, resulting in glowing skin, gleaming hair, weight loss and a younger looking, radiant appearance- beauty that makes heads turn wherever you go.

Aura Therapy is especially valuable in healing mental disorders and stress-related conditions

  • The stress of modern day living has led to the rampant spread of insomnia, depression, anxiety, negativity, low confidence and even impotence.

  • Aura therapy heals the mind at the fundamental level, giving you enduring peace, inner calm, tranquility and renewed confidence in yourself. It cleanses your thoughts of negativity and anxiety, giving you freedom from debilitating migraines, depression and chronic fatigue.

Aura Therapy dissipates pain like no other current therapy around.

  • Pain has become an inescapable part of contemporary life. Joint pains, sciatica, chronic back-aches, headaches, bone disorders are the scourge of modern mankind.
  • Healing the Aura gives an individual lasting relief from debilitating pain in any part of the body. Aura Therapy helps pains and aches to literally disappear, allowing you to lead a normal, pain-free life.

Step1: You will be asked to sit or stand, as per requirement. Footwear will have to be removed.

Step2: Highly sophisticated equipment captures images of your Aura for further analysis.

Step3: Using advanced hardware and software, the specialist scans your <1-1-) Aura for abnormalities and discrepancies. The size, shape, and color of the aura are analyzed to reveal specific physical, emotional, and mental problems.

Step4: The specialist conducts a detailed analysis and prescribes the number of sitting required for the complete healing of the Aura.

Step5: By the end of your sitting, experience a dramatic improvement in your general well-being and a complete disappearance of complaints.