Drink lots of water, eat veggies, workout and sleep well: Ekta Kaul’s fitness mantra

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Ekta Kaul is a beautiful soul, her debonair demeanour and courteous mannerisms make her a cut above rest. Not to mention, her laudable talent in performing arts, making her a favourite among masses.

Kashmir ki kali, Ekta has wowed one and all with her acts in hit television shows namely Mere Angne Mein, Rab Se Sohna Isshq. There is a strong buzz that she will be seen as the female lead in Life OK’s Ghulam.

Yes, she is a thorough professional, on top of that she takes efforts to stay fit & healthy. Talking about it she says IndianWikiMedia: “My fitness mantra is to keep my body fit and healthy. For me, it’s more of a balanced lifestyle. One has to make sure to eat healthy.”

The beautiful belle further talks on the importance of eating right.

“Eat lots of veggies and fruits. Train your mind to drink lots of water. I love drinking coconut water as well. Food is one part…apart from that 30 mins workout everyday and proper sleep is also quintessential for a healthy living.”

So what’s her basic health ritual which she follows religiously? “I drink lots of water after waking up in the morning. It’s an absolute must for me.”

Impressive, indeed…moving on…so what’s her health culture? “Well, it’s a system or discipline that we follow for our well being and healthy life. My dear fans who are reading this, sleep on time and get good sound sleep, drink lots of water and make sure you have a portion of veggies and fruits in your meal. Rest, keep energies clean and enjoy life.”

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