Be healthy in mind, keep your thoughts clean: Sreejita De

Indian Actress Sreejita De's Blog Post - Health Culture

Health is wealth, a saying which finds a strong resonance in today’s rapid paced life. Being happy & healthy is the need of the hour, especially when you are a part of the media & entertainment space.

Beautiful Belle Sreejita De (Uttaran fame) is someone who is aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Talking to IndianWikiMedia, she says: “Know what? I eat a lot but I am also someone who is dedicated to being fit. I workout and burn calories. Top of that, running is the best mantra and it keeps you going.”

Sreejita enjoys her life and is an absolute foodie as she shares: “I am a Bong, hence I eat a lot of rice and fish… twice a day. I don’t crave for cheese and chocolates. I eat homemade food which is always healthy. Avoid outside and fried food.”

In a busy life era, not everyone can make it to the gym on a regular basis. Sreejita suggests not to fret and breathe easy: “It’s okay if you don’t get time. Whenever you visit, work out with dedication. Don’t get into dieting until you really want a zero figure. More than the diet, remember, your mind should be healthy. Keep your thoughts clean.”

Continuing on the laudable thought, Sreejita opines: “Don’t judge or compare with anyone and concentrate on yourself. And don’t give a shit to anyone who is judging you (smiles) free.”

Sreejita further propagates the philosophy of ‘precaution is better than cure’ and believes in preventive health care. She is of the opinion that one should always opt for regular check-ups.

On that note, recently the talented actress visited Mumbai’s premium medical spa Health Culture and enjoyed its refreshing Oxygen Therapy.

She shares her jovial experience:”I went for the Oxygen Therapy at Health Culture and it was very relaxing and rejuvenating. I felt good and light. I recommend it to all.”

Well, Sreejita is an inspiration to many and like her, if you too want to enjoy the innovative Oxygen Therapy, visit Health Culture today. To know more about Health Culture and its amazing services, click below…

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